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Live Interaction Platform with Social Networking 2.0 experience

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Relax, Dinotis is all Automated

  • No need to use different softwares for different purposes. Everything is seamless on Dinotis platform.
  • No need to bother with processes of registrations, payments verifications, conference link admissions & manual reminders to your audiences
  • Manage all your sessions in minutes

Arrange everything as you like with no extra cost

  • Set your own price & withdraw your income anytime after the end of the session
  • Dinotis is free for creators to use. You no longer have to either subscribe or pay to anything.
  • Up to 1 million audience in one session

Live chat & streaming is so yester-year

  • Collaborate live with other content creators
  • Build higher engagement by face to face interaction
  • Create everything from one-on-one consultation up to mass event

All creators can utilize Dinotis as an interactive platform.

Experience the new interactive platform of Social Networking 2.0.

Entertainment & Sports

Entertainment & Sports

Health & Wellness

Health & Wellness

Education & Upskilling

Education & Upskilling

Career & Entrepreneurship

Career & Entrepreneurship

What are you waiting for? Start connecting with your audience right now!

Interact with your audience whenever and wherever you want.

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